Week 42 – cuddles

There’s something really special about cuddles with Reindeer.

In those first few weeks it was amazing, and a little scary, to have this new life snuggling in my arms. Whilst he wasn’t tiny, he certainly felt fragile to me! It took a little while to find his favourite cuddle position.

As he got older we noticed that he would prefer me to hold him to my shoulder for cuddles, whilst he wanted his Dad to hold him across his chest.

Now that he is very mobile, Reindeer’s cuddles have changed again. This evening, after reading a story, I sat him on my lap for teeth brushing. I gave him his toothbrush and he sat on my knee and leant back against me. After a minute or two he shuffled sideways until his head was on my upper arm and he was nestled into my torso. He stayed like that for a few minutes, listening to his music and chewing the brush. It was a really lovely time.

Whilst folk are right that newborn snuggles are great, I think I love these cuddles even more. Because Reindeer is choosing them. He is not forced to cuddle me because he can’t move on his own, instead, he comes to me and gets comfy and snuggles for as long as he wants. He’s really relaxed and I feel so happy that he wants cuddles with me. I’d put up with a lot to have these cuddles continue!


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