Week 42 – page turning

Every evening, between dinner and bathtime, Reindeer and I read a book together. Mostly we read the ‘That’s not my…’ books, but recently we’ve expanded our library to include the ‘Tales from Acorn Wood’ and a touchy-feely lift the flap book.

When we first began reading books together he wasn’t interested, the attention spans of babies being practically nonexistent. Once he was more aware of reading time he decided to join in, by trying to eat the books. In recent weeks he’s gotten very good with the ‘That’s not my…’ stories, actively looking for the texture patches on each page. But still trying to eat them.

We don’t just read in the evenings though, we try and fit a story in during the day too. So it happened that yesterday afternoon we were reading the lift the flap book. For the first time Reindeer began to turn the pages with intent, rather than just turning them to get a better grip so he could get the corner in his mouth. In fact, he didn’t try to eat it at all! Not only that but he actually looked for the flaps and figured out how to open them himself.

He spent more than 20 minutes turning between the pages, looking for the flaps and investigating each one. He was also looking for the texture patches on each page – I was really pleased to see that he’d brought this with him from the ‘That’s not my…’ series.

His favourite flap is shaped like a bush and has a sheep hiding behind it. His favourite patch is a shiny silver-blue water effect with embossed ripples on top.

It is such a relief to see him engaging with books. I’m a huge bookworm and have always hoped that he’d be a keen reader too. Hopefully keeping things light and fun at this early stage will develop good habits and foster a love of books that sticks with him as he grows.


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