Week 41 – still a baby

Over the last month we’ve watched Reindeer grow into a toddler (except for the actual independent toddling bit anyway!). He’s so different from the baby we first met last summer, in size, features, developed personality, skills and communication, it’s wonderful and a bit frightening all at once

After so much development over the last few days, I was reminded tonight that he still a baby, no matter how fast he appears to be growing up.

The last stage of our bedtime routine is still a breastfeed. Tonight he fell asleep on that feed, which is becoming quite unusual now. After a few minutes, convinced that he was now sound asleep, I gently unlatched him. Immediately his mouth opened and and began searching for a latch again, at the same time his eyes half opened in concern. He hasn’t done this for months, probably since before Christmas, so it was a real surprise and a big reminder that he’s still our baby ☺


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