Week 41 – shy

Until this week I would have said that Reindeer was great with meeting new people. He’s previously been perfectly happy to meet and interact with other folk. That now seems to have changed.

Over the last couple of months Reindeer has been fairly clingy to me; not unusual in a child his age and indicative that he’s becoming aware of himself in relation to others, as well as beginning to have preferences. But this week he has started something new. Twice, when faced by people he didn’t really know wanting to interact with him, he buried his head into my neck and shoulder then peeked out at them. They thought it was incredibly cute (true, it was terribly cute) but I was somewhat mystified.

My best guess if that this is another phase. If he’s becoming aware of self then perhaps he’s more conscious of personal space? Or of not wanting to interact too much until he feels more comfortable with people? I don’t know. It will be interesting to see if this continues.

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