Week 41 – tooth five

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that two more buds were growing in Reindeer’s upper gums, one either side of his two top teeth.

He hadn’t shown any real grumpiness of discomfort so I assumed we had a while to go before they cut through.

On Saturday morning he took real exception to having his teeth brushed. This is an on-off battle we’ve been having; some days he loves it and will laugh, other days he’ll cry and get annoyed, so I didn’t think too much about it.

He had a really dribbly day, which isn’t unusual and is giving him teether’s rash, so I was still surprised when he suddenly dribbled blood into the bath as we got ready for bed. He didn’t seem to notice and was puzzled that I wanted to look in his mouth. Sure enough, a small section of the upper left tooth had poked through the gum.

I’m not sure if it’s completely through yet, but hoping it won’t cause any problems!

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