Week 40 – waving

In a week full of firsts, today Reindeer mastered waving.

We’ve been trying this for a while with limited interest/success on Reindeer’s part. Mostly he ignored us or, more often, gave us a look that clearly said I don’t know what you’re doing but you’d better stop before anyone else sees you! Occasionally he’d flap his hand gently but with no real direction.

This afternoon, having once again been unsuccessful in getting him to wave at Daddy as he went out to work, we went off to the local nature park. As I was getting Reindeer settled into the wrap I became aware that he was doing something with his arm. I was highly amused to see that he’d suddenly perfected his wave and was showing it off to everyone else in the car park! I was duly impressed and waved back at him. So he continued waving at anything that moved for the next 10 minutes. As it was a windy day this amounted to a lot of water, trees and plants as well as people and animals ☺

I now know what it would be like to go on a walkabout with the Queen!


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