Week 40 – independently mobile

Yesterday morning I followed our usual routine of sitting Reindeer on his play mat whilst I prepared breakfast. As I stirred the porridge I became aware that I was hearing something new.

It was a combination of heavy breathing, patting sounds and the occasional raspberry, and it was getting louder. I looked up just as Reindeer crawled into view by the kitchen door. He saw me and gave a delighted shriek before laughing, clearly chuffed to bits that he’d managed to find me all on his own.

I was torn between being very proud of how far he’d crawled and how happy he was about that, slightly panicky because the kitchen floor needed a wash so I didn’t want him crawling on it and dazed about how on earth to keep him safe and occupied from then on!

A whole new set of challenges are now upon us, but I’m quickly learning to love the sound of Reindeer crawling over to me!


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