Week 40 – weaning progress

Like most parents, we began weaning Reindeer just after he turned 6-months-old. It was a pretty daunting experience, but we decided to try baby-led weaning rather than the traditional purée-style weaning.

If I’m being honest, I’m not sure how well this is working for Reindeer. Initially he seemed to take well to the finger foods – he was fine with yam, potato, parsnip, carrot, etc. Now, however, he doesn’t seem to like finger foods unless they’re dry.

Each mealtime I provide him with the ‘adult’ version of the food. Generally speaking though he won’t touch this – just pushes it around and gets annoyed. If I then mash the food a bit (still lumpy but mixed together) he’s much happier and will eat quite a bit.

It puzzles me that he no longer wants a lot of his food presented as finger food. Toast, rice cakes and corn snacks are all fine. Everything else has to be on a spoon. And whilst his spoon technique is good, he hasn’t yet mastered picking up food on one.

We’re continuing regardless, because I don’t want him to get hung up on food or to think that he’s doing something wrong. I try very hard to keep things relaxed and not make a fuss about anything. He’s keen to drink out of a proper cup – he doesn’t want to drink out of the spouted lids, which is stopping him from having a cup of water available at all times.

I very much want him to enjoy having lots of fruit and vegetables. But, at the moment, he won’t have them individually. He ate two raspberries tonight, but only after I added them to yoghurt and put them on a spoon.

Perhaps this is just a normal phase, I don’t know. I’m trying to avoid worrying about this sort of thing, but food is so important and I’m desperate to give him the good habits now that will lead to healthy choices for the rest of his life. As with most things baby, I suspect perseverance is the key here. It worked with crawling; we didn’t push him and just kept giving him space and letting him get on at his own pace. Hopefully that will work here too.


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