Week 40 – pushing all the buttons

After a busy day spent swimming in the morning, then getting my car fixed in the afternoon, I decided to give Reindeer some space to just play before dinner tonight.

As I prepared dinner (tomato chicken, potato and broccoli – go me!) I kept an eye on him playing because it is always fun to watch what he’s doing. He gets so engrossed in his play that I really wish I knew what he was thinking!

During his playtime he moved over to the toy washing machine and I watched with amazement as he very carefully and precisely put out his index finger to press one of the two small buttons that make it light up and start the sound. I pretty much shouted HE KNOWS HOW TO PRESS BUTTONS AND WHAT THEY DO I was so excited.

The thing that got me was that he’s suddenly gone from the baby who mashed everything to the baby who knows how to get things to work. I’m feeling slightly nostalgic now – time is flying away from us. He seems to barely enter one stage of development before running on to the next thing without giving me a chance to catch my breath. I’m constantly a step behind. Mostly this is good because he’s exceeding my expectations, but I’m also a little sad because I feel he’s growing up too fast. I suspect that’s a feeling I’m going to have to get used to…

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