Week 39 – more sleep fighting

The last few nights have been a bit challenging as Reindeer has been going to bed OK, but then waking for prolonged periods in the early hours.

Last night he woke just before midnight. An hour of walking made no difference so we admitted defeat and put him in bed with us, the theory being that watching us sleep would set him a good example. It must have worked eventually because I woke at 0323 to find him fast asleep between us. I very very very carefully lifted him back to his cot and tried to make the most of the sleeping time left available to me.

This evening he’s been quite difficult to get to sleep. I don’t know why because he was certainly tired enough, following an afternoon at a nature park enjoying the sun and the swingy-cone-thing.

I tried the usual feeding and walking. During the last feed he tried to stay awake by suddenly breaking off and making cooing/gargling/singing sounds for a while. It was actually very sweet to watch him as he did this and rubbed his eyes but, eventually, his eyelids drooped and he is now sound asleep, sprawled in his cot ☺


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