Week 39 – to eat or not to eat

Reindeer has had a cold for almost a week now. Apart from all the usual gumph that comes with having a cold, this one has had an extra effect: he pretty much stopped eating.

This has been a real challenge because he’d been getting on fairly well with weaning; trying everything he was given and seeming happy at mealtimes.

The last week has seen a deterioration to eating nothing/almost nothing, not wanting to try new foods or firm favourites and then, last night, suddenly crying his eyes out mid-mealtime.

I’d continued to offer food as normal because I thought it was the right thing to do. I spent a lot of yesterday evening worrying that I’d made a mistake doing this and now he would hate mealtimes. I’ve been anxious about whether he will want to start eating again soon, or whether he’ll want to try some of his earlier foods again and work back to where we were. Selfishly, I’ve also felt a little sad that I spend so much time trying to cook nice things for him (cooking doesn’t come easily to me) and he rejects them. But that says a lot more about me than it does about him.

It was with immense relief that I watched Reindeer eat all of his porridge and all of his fruit pot this morning. He still has the tail end of the cough and cold, but was more than happy to eat his breakfast. I have everything crossed that he’ll be just as happy with lunch and dinner!


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