Week 39 – all change

The last 24-hours have been a study in the way babies can change from day to day.

Reindeer had a fairly smooth bedtime last night but randomly woke up at 2200 for a feed. My husband and I joked that he wanted a drink to celebrate Leicester City winning the Premiership and that he wouldn’t be up for work in the morning. As it turned out, his cough woke him at 0430 and it took an hour to get him back to sleep.

Bitter previous experience told me that I’d have an hour, maximum, before he was up for the day so I fell back to sleep cursing the dawn chorus for being so loud. As it happens, I owe them an apology, because I woke up again at 0830 to see my husband heading out to work and Reindeer still asleep. Astonishingly there was time for me to shower, dress and breakfast before he finally got up at 0925.

He had a good time at baby group, even demonstrating his new crawling skills in order to take some sleigh bells from another baby(!), as well as showing off his standing and cruising style.

We did the weekly shop in the afternoon and he had a record four checkout assistants cooing over him at once. It was lovely until one of them described his hair as being a bit like a loo brush. Although I can see what she was getting at, I wasn’t overly thrilled with the comparison. Reindeer didn’t care though and made what looked like an effort to wave at them on the way out. He hasn’t done waving before.

Dinner was a nightmare. Because of his cold he hasn’t been keen on eating lately. Tonight was no exception. This evening it was compounded by him randomly crying halfway through and trying to finish his food whilst sat on my knee. This was every bit the disaster you might expect and, having safely put him to bed, I’ve been able to put my clothes in the wash basket. In what I assume to be a forensic analysts dream they were covered in: snot, tears, drool, banana and apple puree, pizza toast, carrot stick, cucumber, used toothpaste, E45 lotion and bathwater. There was no dignity left.

On the plus side he tried clapping whilst in the bath – another skill he’s been working on. He was very smiley with me as he got ready for bed which reminded me to be happy for what I’ve got, as most things are more important than my messy clothes!


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