Week 39 – a long weekend

This weekend has been very up and down for us.

On the downside, Reindeer has had a rotten cold. The result was an incredibly clingy, not very snoozy, hating having his nose wiped, cuddle monster. It’s also put him off eating so weaning is almost on hold for the time being.

On the upside, he was a cuddle monster.

My parents came to visit, which was lovely and also very helpful as they wanted to help with house stuff and I was desperately in need of help.

It was a shame that Reindeer was so clingy with me as I’d have loved him to be able to spend more comfortable time with them, but it was still good. We went to the nature park and, following a walk around the lake, made it back to the centre just in time for cakes while the weather turned foul.

Yesterday was really hard for me. Since 0700 on Thursday I’d had almost no time to myself and no unbroken sleep. I was really in need of some quiet time but it just didn’t happen. I was feeling tired, vulnerable and quite tearful. After a rocky start, last night I managed six hours of uninterrupted sleep which made today a lot more bearable.

We’re so fortunate that, even when poorly, Reindeer is still lovely to be around. Thus far he hasn’t been prone to whingeing or crying and is pretty good at indicating what he needs. Long may it continue!


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