Week 38 – a cold

Yesterday, Reindeer was quite restless and clingy. Whilst clingy is not unusual at 8-months-old, he’s normally good humoured with it. Not so this time. Things which normally wouldn’t affect him, e.g., leaning too far over during play and having to push back up, made him cry. He also wasn’t keen on eating.

I’d assumed teething and hoped he’d feel better after a good sleep. Well, I’m still hoping that as he hasn’t had a good sleep yet.

Between 7pm and 1am he had about 1 hour 30 minutes of sleep in two attempts. He then spent the rest of the night in our bed, waking in tears four more times and requiring quite a bit of walking, singing and cuddling to soothe.

Judging by the quantities of green goo on his face this morning, we’re fairly certain he has a cold. Judging by the amount of sad faces and crying that have been going on, he isn’t happy about it.

At the moment he is napping, and I really hope that helps. Because feeding with a cold is quite tricky, he’s struggled with milk this morning. I’m dreading this bringing on another milk strike.

His Oma and Opa are visiting today and I’d expected that they’d get to see him in his normal, happy mood. Whilst it hasn’t exactly worked out like that so far, he did spend a happy 45 minutes with Opa joining in on the play mat, so I think they’re all happy nevertheless.

This afternoon we’ll try and go out somewhere as I think some fresh air and a change of scene will help. I’m also going to try and fit in a nap as I am totally zonked from the last 24 hours!


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