Week 38 – little and large with a new trick thrown in

Today we went to visit friends and meet their baby daughter.

As seems to be the case for everyone but me, the first-time-mum-of-less-than-ten-days was looking great – healthy and as though she hadn’t even had a baby. Just a touch tired. For the first month post-birth I looked abysmal so I’m trying not to be too grumpy about it.

Anyway. The new baby is lovely and so, so tiny! Reindeer was half her size again when he was born, so she appeared even more delicate to me. Our friend was trying to work out if Reindeer is a giant or her daughter is unusually small. When you consider that Reindeer is tracking the 98th percentile and the new baby the 5th percentile for growth, both descriptions are about right.

Reindeer was transfixed by the new arrival. He avidly watched her every tiny move. Since she was wearing a yellow baby grow I couldn’t tell if he was perplexed because she appeared to him to be like (1) a small doll or (2) a large and unusually mobile banana. He was startled when she cried and made a half-hearted, but thankfully soon over, attempt to join in. He was also intent upon her being bottle fed. Reindeer has never had a bottle and so I’m not sure what he made of watching her eat. Whatever it was he spent the first half of the visit engrossed.

Part way through our catch-up I was given the chance to cuddle the baby; at just over 6lb it was like carrying a feather, bearing in mind I spend my days carrying around the 23lb+ Reindeer. Unfortunately the cuddle was short-lived as Reindeer, at that point being held by his Dad, started crying and leaning towards me. Apparently he was rather unhappy that I was cuddling another baby. Possibly he was concerned he was about to lose exclusive use of the milk supply. Either way, it was a very unexpected reaction, remedied only by me handing baby back to her Mum then reclaiming Reindeer.

Towards the end of our visit Reindeer noticed that, from his position on the bed, he could reach the cot rail and pull himself up. Since all appeared safe we let him carry on as he does this all the time at home. I turned away from him to answer a question and, when I turned back, was surprised and alarmed to find he wasn’t behind me any more. Surprised because he’s only once tried cruising about three steps and that was a week ago. Alarmed because he’d traveled somewhat further than three steps, had in fact cruised two-thirds the length of the cot and was about to fall off the end of the bed.

So pleased was he with this trick that he had another go this evening in the safety of his own cot. He managed not only half the length of the cot, but also to move around the corner and start cruising the headboard too. It really is time to install those eyes in the back of my head!


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