Week 38 – socks

Most of us have been there: you collect your laundry up and put it through the usual wash-dry routine. The time comes to put it away, but can you pair up all the socks? Can you heck.

There’s always an even number of socks in need of washing and an odd number which return from the laundry adventure. No one knows why. It is as though your washing machine contains a short cut to the Bermuda Triangle.

In our house, the mystery has just become downright odd.

One of the toys Reindeer has inherited from his eldest cousins is a washing machine which takes coins and lights up whilst making a spin cycle noise. He’d taken a pair of socks off on the play mat the other day so we put them in his toy machine for some play laundry. I wasn’t prepared for the fact that, when I collected up the socks later, there were now three of them. It was like a reverse of what happens to normal laundry. He’d definitely only had two socks down there and I have no idea where the other one came from.

Today, there were five socks near the toy washing machine. I can’t work out if last night’s lack of sleep is getting to me or whether we’ve been given the other side of the sock portal…

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