Week 38 – dunking

Today, for the first time, we managed to coincide our swimming session with the singalong. Imagine a soggy, splashy rhymetime and you’ll be pretty close.

It was actually a great session; 15 minutes of nursery rhymes with watery actions. The instructor was lovely – very experienced and clearly enjoying every minute of it. She briefly explained the actions for each song along with why they were good for water safety and water confidence. As these are two things I really want Reindeer to learn, the session turned out to be a good fit.

The two things which really stood out were:

(1) Humpty Dumpty; getting the children in from the side, then taking them back so they learn to get to the side if they end up in water accidentally

(2) Ring a ring of roses; this included a dunking to get the children used to being submerged in safety so they don’t panic

Since Reindeer has never been dunked before I decided not to attempt it for the first time in a circle full of strangers during the song, especially as I wasn’t sure I correctly understood the technique to stop him swallowing half the pool. Instead, we waited until afterwards and had a chat with the instructor. She was very helpful, explaining what to do and why it worked. Feeling a bit nervous I decided to go for it. I followed her instructions and dunked an unsuspecting Reindeer.

And it was fine.

He wasn’t exactly happy about it, grizzling at me to show that he was unimpressed with his sudden underwater adventure, but he didn’t cry and didn’t appear frightened. He was smiling again within about 15 seconds.

Since the session was so good I’m going to try and time it right next week too as I’m keen to keep this up. Reindeer will be dunked once again to help gain water confidence whilst he’s still little. Fingers crossed he responds as well next time!

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