Week 38 – not quite right

Reindeer hasn’t been quite his normal, chirpy self today. We’re not sure why – possibly teething?

He hasn’t much fancied eating his meals, but has had the usual amount of breastfeeds, so at least he isn’t dehydrated. He’s also been quite clingy. Still lovely, curious and cuddly, but not quite as bright, for want of a better word. We’re hoping he has a good rest tonight (he slept for 3 hours this morning) and feels back to normal tomorrow.

Despite being a little under the weather, he’s still managed to make his first tentative foray into cruising the furniture. He didn’t go far, only a couple of feet around the blanket box, but it was the first time he’s tried it and he seemed pretty pleased. He is as keen to stand up as ever – each time he learns something new that’s all he wants to do, no going back for him!

The clock is definitely ticking on the baby-proofing plans…

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