Week 37 – play

Today, Reindeer and I invented a game we could play together.

For Easter he was given a toy egg box containing six squeaky eggs with removable shells. The eggs each have a unique face, which can be matched with the removable shell, and a unique shape at the bottom which matches their spot in the egg box.

Basically, I put an egg in the box and try to add the shell, then Reindeer tries to remove the shell and the egg faster than I can replace them. Even as I write this I can tell it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but Reindeer loves it and can spend a long time with it so I don’t mind.

The other thing going on today is the high five, which Reindeer is beginning to return. Naturally, not understanding the language, he manages a high twenty to thirty-five each time, but he’s laughing when he does it so that’s a lot of fun ☺


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