Week 37 – bedtime story

For the last few weeks, our bedtime stories have mostly been taken from the That’s Not My… collection.

Reindeer has been getting into the textures recently and particularly loves the rough and fuzzy options – I guess because they are easy to find on the page. He’s also been chewing the books quite a lot too. Although this is pretty close to blasphemy for a book-lover like myself, I understand that this is how he makes sense of the world, so I grit my teeth and try to limit the damage.

What I hadn’t realised is that, although he’s busy pawing at the pages (and trying to get them in his mouth), he is actually listening to the words.

Tonight we were reading That’s Not My Duck. We’ve obviously read it before a few times but tonight, for the first time, he had a reaction to the words. When I reached the part [SPOILER!] ‘That’s not my duck, it’s eggs are too smooth’, he started laughing. A lot.

This hadn’t happened before, so I wasn’t immediately sure that it was related to the book. However, in the face of no other obvious external stimuli, I tried reading the page again. Same response. By repeating different parts of the page, I finally whittled it down to the words ‘too smooth’. I think the ‘oo’ sounds were the bit he really liked.

So, just like yesterday with ‘excuse you’, I was able to spend quite a lot of time making him laugh uproariously, which was a very nice end to the evening!


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