Week 37 – the swings

Yesterday we had beautiful weather here – bright and sunny. As a result, Reindeer spent more time than usual outdoors.

We started before lunch with some time in the garden – me putting the washing out and Reindeer alternately watching, playing with his toys and trying to remove all the grass from the area around his blanket. We spent nearly an hour in the garden before coming in to eat.

I’ve been trying to introduce some new meals into our weaning diet. I’m not a good cook and have found this a real challenge, but yesterday I happened upon ‘pizza toast’ in the Baby-Led Weaning Cookbook. I topped it with mushroom and tomato and he ate the lot – an excellent result! My worry now is that he’ll be eating like a student for the next 18 years…

When my husband took a break from work in the late afternoon Reindeer was napping. We decided that, since the weather was so good, we’d take him to the local nature park when he woke up and have a go on the swings.

Reindeer hadn’t tried the swings before so we were quite excited to see what he’d make of them. The outcome was that I don’t think he really noticed the swings on the basis that he was too busy looking at what everyone around him was doing – as usual! We had a lovely time though and took a walk partway around one of the lakes before heading home.

Sadly, all the fresh air doesn’t seem to have helped him to sleep for any longer. This is very frustrating as he’d been doing well at sleeping through the night. I’m currently blaming the sun for his finding it hard to get to sleep at night and then waking up early but really, really tired. As a result I’m going to purchase a blackout blind today because I’m really, really tired now too.


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