Week 37 – eating out

Following our recent difficulties with high chairs whilst eating out in restaurants, I had an awkward time visiting family.

Reindeer and I had travelled over for a day of chatter and general catching up, but I hadn’t really given lunch any thought. My relatives don’t have a high chair – their children are all grown up now – so I ended up having to feed Reindeer whilst he was sat on my lap. Needless to say I ended up covered in his lunch. Luckily the kitchen floor was tiled and the dogs were able to finish of the rest that didn’t make it into Reindeer’s mouth.

I decided that this wasn’t exactly a practical way to do things in future, so set about looking online for a travel high chair which we could use in the houses of friends and family, as well as when out for dinner at a restaurant.

After a fair bit of searching I came across the iSafe travel high chair. Like the one we found so useful at Wagamama, it clips onto the table so that Reindeer can eat with us. A bonus is that it doesn’t have a tray we need to take around with us.

I’ve tried it at home and it works just fine with our dining table. Now to find an excuse to go and try it in a restaurant…


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