Week 36 – 8-month check

Earlier this week, Reindeer had his 8-12 month check with the Health Visitor.

Turns out this is basically a questionnaire for us, rather than anything Reindeer has to do. The questions were largely about his motor skills and we were quite surprised to realise that we could say yes to everything. It was surprising to realise how many little things he does that we don’t notice¬†because they are so normal for us as adults.

Questions included skills like passing objects from hand to hand, holding an object in each hand at the same time, chattering, call and response, eating and banging things on things.

As Reindeer’d been weighed at the hospital the night before, the HV plotted the weight and confirmed he is continuing along the 98th percentile for growth. They won’t measure his height until he’s able to stand unaided, but she confirmed that he is ‘tall’.

It will be almost two years now until his next set of checks, although we were reassured that we can call the HV at any point in between if we have questions or concerns.

It is astonishing that in just a few months I’ve gone from seeing the midwife almost weekly, to having a beautiful little boy who is thriving. We are so fortunate and I don’t forget that.


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