Week 36 – ups, downs and in betweens

Today has been a bit of a mixed bag.

In the ups section we had a lovely 3-mile walk in the sunshine at the local nature reserve. Reindeer was in the wrap and seemed to enjoy watching everything and everyone. He was particularly focused on the dogs being walked, although I’m not sure he was overly enthusiastic about them.

In the downs section Reindeer was sick this afternoon, all over a (thankfully) plastic toy and followed this up with an appalling nappy which he managed to put his leg in.

The in between section involved feeding. At various points during the day he broke away from breastfeeding to alternately laugh, smile, blow a raspberry, shout, sing, cry and talk. I have no idea why!

Overall he’s had a happy, if slightly clingy, day with plenty of laughter and lots of squeaking.


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