Week 36 – out for lunch

Today we went for an impromptu lunch with a friend to a local Harvester restaurant. I was fairly prepared, grabbing a coverall, some spoons, some dry snacks and a yogurt as we left the house.

At the restaurant I checked out the kids menu for the first time and decided that Reindeer would be OK with it. I ordered him the tiny portion of pasta in tomato sauce, potato and peas. When the food arrived I mashed it down a bit and let him try it. He was very enthusiastic!

Looking back, the whole time we were there was a good time for him. He was excited to be in such a busy and loud (for us) place. He was talking, shouting and laughing throughout the visit, clearly interested in everything and everyone.

I was slightly embarrassed by the amount of mess we created, but the high chair didn’t reach the height of the table and didn’t come with its own tray so there wasn’t anything else we could do about it (except not feed Reindeer – not ideal in a family restaurant! ). Worse still, the chair was at exactly the correct height for Reindeer to bash his forehead on the table, necessitating him being pushed a little further into the aisle, so all-in-all a bit of a failure in the child seating stakes.

A random discussion ensued where we agreed that the Wagamama baby seats are the best ones as they clip onto the table allowing Reindeer to be in exactly the right position to eat with us, rather than being sat in a walkway in an inappropriate seat. Alas, there isn’t a Wagamama nearby.

Anyway, the point is that it was a good day and a big step forward in the baby-led weaning process for Reindeer to be eating real food from a real menu – progress!


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