Week 35 – sleep, glorious sleep!

After three nights of appalling sleeplessness courtesy of a teething, milk-striking Reindeer, last night was like a miracle: 8-hours of totally uninterrupted sleep for me!

For the first time since I reached the second trimester of pregnancy I had a whole night of sleep. I didn’t wake up needing the loo, needing to feed or change the nappy of a baby, or needing to lay awake worrying about something I can’t change anyway.

And it was bliss!

Reindeer slept for three hours in the day after finally breaking his milk strike then went on to have a twelve-hour-no-waking-sleep. It was unexpected but wonderful.

I don’t know what tonight has in store but I did feel elated when I saw the time this morning and realised what had happened.

Reindeer benefited from the rest too by having a great day today, feeding well and generally being delightful company. Tooth four is pretty much through now so he should have a few more comfortable days/weeks ahead before tooth five begins to show.


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