Week 35 – bathtime bubbles

In the midst of milk-refusal stress I almost missed the fact that Reindeer has started trying to pick up the bubbles and patterns on his bathwater.

He’s always loved bathtime and his usual antics include splashing, playing with bath buddies, trying to kneel or stand, trying to swim on his tummy and trying to eat the bath. For the last couple of days he’s taken to concentrating really hard on his hands. Initially I thought he was just very tired but then I could see that he was trying to pick up a pattern on the water created by his bath lotion.

It’s very interesting to watch his reactions when the pattern changes or vanishes; usually confusion or puzzlement. Thankfully he doesn’t find it very frustrating (yet)!

Tonight I’m going to try blowing some bubbles in the bathroom to see what he makes of them…

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