Week 35 – fun and time

I didn’t realise how much fun life would be with Reindeer around. He’s been fascinating me since before he was born but now, with his growing awareness of self and surroundings, he’s becoming even more charming and amusing.

Today he was laughing when I looked at him, cuddling in when he was tired and, when we went to the coffee shop, lay on the sofa playing and smiling.

He had moments of feeling sad too, when he was tired or his gums hurt, but overall is lovely to be around.

I’ve noticed a change in his sleeping too. Most mornings I can now get him to nap for 1-2 hours if I catch him at the right moment. It is still rare to get a decent nap in the afternoon, but this is good progress nonetheless.

Each week is different and I never know what to expect, but I’m hoping that Reindeer and I will continue to enjoy life – getting to know his personality and watching as he takes more steps in exploring the world around him. Why does time have to move so quickly?


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