Week 35 – teething (still)

The last 24 hours have been pretty rough for Reindeer. His fourth tooth (top front) is trying to come through but, for some reason, is causing more problems than the last three put together.

Last night he woke at around 0230 and was wide awake for the next two hours or so. At one point he gave the ‘I need milk’ signal, but then got confused and tried to bite rather than feed. He woke before 0700 and finally went for a longish sleep at 1030.

He hasn’t been eating particularly well today and keeps favouring his front gums. He’s also been quite grizzly – very unusual for Reindeer who prefers to play or cuddle rather than waste time being sad. He has hated being separated from us today – just putting him down so I can get some water or use the toilet has almost always resulted in a sad face and some tears.

By bedtime I could see the tooth was finally pushing through the gum but, by this point, Reindeer was really quite sad, unable to sleep and had a scarlet cheek. He was also getting warm so I gave him a small dose of Calpol to try and take the edge off it for him.

Despite all this he still needed a lot of cuddles and rocking as well as 30 verses of ’10 green bottles’, 10 verses of ‘5 little speckled frogs’, one verse of ‘m-ah said the little green frog’, three trips to the ‘animal fair’ and a whopping 51 verses of ’99 bottles of milk’ before he finally succumbed to the tiredness he’d been fighting for hours.

Since he went to sleep I’ve treated myself by ignoring the housework. Not exactly a good idea long-term but I figured I could cut myself some slack tonight as I’m feeling very sleep-deprived too. Now that my husband is home from work, and also requiring a break, I think we’re going to opt for takeaway – not, perhaps, a wild night but certainly a much-needed relaxing one!


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