Week 34 – toys and a rant about changing tables

A couple of months ago, Reindeer’s cousin M outgrew his Jumperoo and very kindly lent it to Reindeer. Despite needing it on the highest setting, Reindeer has loved this toy – happily jumping for so long, in fact, that his Dad and I have both learned all the tunes it has to offer…

Reindeer is a ‘big’ baby, merrily tracking the 99.4th percentile for growth. We’re perfectly fine about this as all his measurements are in proportion and he is both healthy and happy. However, it does mean that he is outpacing the items toy and clothing manufacturers deem appropriate for his age range. For example, he’s been in size 12-18 month clothing since he was 6-months old. This isn’t really a problem, although it can be a little frustrating as I wanted to keep him in babygrows for a few months more, but the real issue we have now is toys. Specifically, the larger toys.

At this point in development there are lots of toys like the Jumperoo which are designed to help his age-group prepare for standing and walking independently. Unfortunately, being the size of a one-year-old, Reindeer has already outgrown them in both height and weight. So tonight, I’ve reluctantly packed away cousin M’s Jumperoo, and assembled an activity table instead. I think this is the only thing that makes me sad about Reindeer being on the faster growth curve; I hate to see him missing out on months of fun with these toys just because he’s big for his age. I’m hoping that he isn’t going to miss the Jumperoo, but there’s no denying that the activity table just won’t be as good since he can’t stand at it yet.

Actually, I’ve just remembered that the other thing he’s outgrowing is the small changing table at the swimming baths. There are three changing tables at the baths, one in an individual cubicle and two in family change cubicles (not exactly enough to go around!). I didn’t realise until last week that the individual cubicle table has a weight limit of 12kg whilst the family change tables have a limit of 15kg. Pretty soon we’re only going to be able to use the family change tables.

This is a problem because other users have a habit of trying to ‘reserve’ them by leaving their clobber in there. Recently, one of these family cubicles was the only one free with a changing table but someone had left their stuff in there and gotten in the baths. Cuddling a quickly-cooling and not entirely happy Reindeer I decided to appropriate the empty cubicle. Ten minutes later a grumpy woman with a child of about four years knocked on the door requesting her stuff. Apparently they’d only been gone for a minute (ha! as if I can get a baby and half of me changed that quickly) and now needed their things. Seeing that I had a baby in there and was using the changing table she just accepted their belongings back and put them in a locker. I try not to get annoyed about this stuff – I’m quite happy to share – but when there are limited resources it is just common courtesy to assume that you can’t hog them!

Ahem. Sorry. Rant over 🙂

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