Week 34 – memory and music

I’ve always assumed that babies have short memories. It isn’t an unreasonable assumption given that their brains have a huge amount of development to go through and they’ve only been making connections for a short time. However, I realised this morning that Reindeer has actually got a longer memory than I thought. At least for certain things.

Between Christmas and the beginning of March I used the same CD of nursery rhymes each night as we went through Reindeer’s bedtime routine. I stopped at the start of the month because it was making me cynical (no child called Mary should be trusted with animals). Since then we’ve listened to West Side Story, the Gruffalo and Aladdin, all of which have gone down well.

This morning at breakfast I had our music on random when it came up with ‘Hey diddle diddle’. Until this point Reindeer had been focused on his own activity. So it was a bit of a surprise when he stopped and looked at the source of the music until the song finished. I realised that, despite four weeks passing by, he remembered that song!

This was most unexpected and I was actually quite impressed. It makes me wonder what else he has stored away in there and what associations he’s already made with different music, speech, games and activities. I’ll probably never know but it was a good reminder not to be complacent – he really is picking up everything.


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