Week 34 – movement

Since Christmas, Reindeer has become super-wriggly. Never a baby to sit still (even in the womb) he has always been in motion, but over the last 3-months that has really increased!

During the course of today he has attempted to pull himself up using any furniture within reach (and some slightly out-of-reach, resulting in a landing on some wooden toys – ouch) and generally been rolling, turning and contorting.

He’s got the position for crawling figured out now, but can only really get the motion when he’s on the changing mat. Naturally.

Tonight I’d popped him in his cot while I went to put the towels back after his bath. When I left the room he was lying on his tummy. When I returned, about 12 seconds later, he was sat on his bottom. He didn’t really understand why I was so excited about this, but played along and laughed at me.

He didn’t do it again so I’m not quite sure how he did it, but I expect I’ll get the chance to see it soon. This is a great development as he is so keen to manoeuvre himself around. I suspect it may be a precursor to other movements. Again, so much going on!


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