Week 33 – even more weaning

After nearly two months of (mostly) baby-led weaning, today we could really see progress.

Reindeer joins us for breakfast every day and we all have porridge then he has a bit of fruit pot. Today he ate more porridge than I’ve seen him have before, even showing his liking with spoon requests. A step forward!

We hadn’t started lunch before but, as we were out for lunch today, I decided to pack some carrot sticks and a rusk for him. The carrot sticks were Organix and I was a bit surprised to find they looked like Wotsits. After some initial suspicion he ate two of them. He followed up with half the rusk. It felt like a big change to have him eating with us whilst out and about.

Dinner tonight was monumental though. He ate carrot, potato, broccoli, the other half of the rusk and a whole fruit pot. He breastfed normally the rest of the day too!

Whilst I’m not looking forward to the nappy which is bound to follow, I was amazed to see how well he’s coping with eating. He’s taking it all in his stride which is a huge relief! The advice of a friend, who has weaned a lot of babies in her role as foster mother, is to treat food before one as play. I’ve tried hard to follow this advice (I find weaning terrifying) but the advice is working and both Reindeer and I are surviving.


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