Week 33 – bedtime story

When Reindeer was about three weeks old I decided to try reading him a bedtime story every night. I quickly gave this up as a bad job because, for various reasons, we never reached the end of a story unless I tried to read at a speed of roughly a thousand words a minute.

In the last month I’ve reintroduced the bedtime story, thankfully with much more success! We’re using the ‘That’s not my…’ stories and it’s quite good fun. Tonight I noticed that he’s getting the hang of finding the patches of texture and is gradually showing less interest in eating the books.

I’m finding it really hard to keep up with these little signs of development – they’re coming thick and fast at the moment – which is why I’m trying to record them here. In two weeks time we will see the health visitor for his 7-9 month review and I’m actually quite excited to see how they think his development is coming along.

Another change I’ve just realised I’m making is in his clothing. Baby grows are so convenient, and so cute, that I thought I’d keep him in them until he started walking. The last week or so I’ve taken to dressing him in ‘proper’ outfits. I don’t know why, they just seem to suit his personality better. All change again ☺


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