Week 32 – reminiscing

When I was admitted to hospital, 5-days before Reindeer was born, I found myself sharing a bay on the maternity ward with T. A veteran of two straightforward births, T was admitted the same day as me. The only difference was that she was suffering from complications at 20-weeks whilst I was being induced due to unexpected high risks at 39-weeks.

In the end, I was in for 8-days and T for 9-days. During that time we became good friends; sharing each other’s ups and downs. Her hopes that today she would be told all was well and she could go home to her partner and older children, my hopes that today I would finally give birth to a healthy baby.

When Reindeer arrived, T was the first to know after our parents. She was Reindeer’s first visitor and the first to cuddle him apart from us.

Over the months since Reindeer arrived we’ve kept in touch via text but not met up due to the pressures of pregnancy and getting used to new babies. We live about 25 miles apart.

Today we finally met up for the first time since T gave birth to a healthy daughter in the winter. It was lovely to catch up and it brought back lots of memories from that crazy week in the summer.

It was particularly nice to see how well Reindeer responded to her; he really took to her, happily playing on her knee and snuggling in to her shoulder as he got tired. This is something he doesn’t really do for anyone but us! I do wonder if he was trying hard to be endearing though, as we were over an hour late since he decided to sleep in until 0835 instead of waking up at 0630-ish which is his norm.

Either way it has reminded me of how good it is to keep up friendships and that new people aren’t necessarily scary. I’m a shy introvert so meeting new people is awkward at best. Spending over a week on a hospital ward, surrounded by strangers, being monitored every 2-4 hours and having no privacy at all was horrendous. T was so kind and open that I can’t imagine not getting on with her. She was a real friend and support and I think I’d have struggled a lot more on the ward without her.


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