Week 32 – proper poo

Yup, still (reluctantly) obsessed with poo!

Weaning nappies have been an adventure. Add in Reindeer, who doesn’t want to lay on his back during a nappy change, and you have a challenge of epic proportions on your hands, as weaning nappies can be very sloppy.

Yesterday, I was approaching a smelly nappy change with dread and was, therefore, somewhat nonplussed to discover he’d done his first properly formed poo. This was amazing because (1) I didn’t think it was possible yet (2) there was no way it could leak and (3) he must have been eating more food than I realised!

I’m vaguely embarrassed that I was so pleased about this development but I guess that’s parenting for you – it helps you become a little less cynical and makes it a little easier to find happiness in unexpected places.


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