Week 32 – more music

Before Reindeer was born, back when I had the time, money and energy to invest in hobbies, I accidentally found myself playing drums for a local rock band. When I’d never played drums before. And never thought about/wanted to join a band. This is the type of accident you can only afford to have when you don’t have kids.

It was actually fun a lot of the time and, while I make no claims to being anything other than a basic player, we did manage to gig and we were (very occasionally) good.

During pregnancy I managed to play drums a few times with friends but my kit was packed away in the third trimester to make space for the cot and changing table in Reindeer’s room.

Since he was born I’ve attempted to play drums once. It didn’t go well.

Today, however, I decided he was now big enough to sit on my knee at the drum kit. I wanted to see what he thought of them, in the same way that I sat him on my knee and we played piano. The result was totally unexpected: as I softly played a basic rhythm, he laughed! And kept laughing as I varied the rhythm and the parts of the kit I was using. It was all great fun, right until the bit where he tried to eat the drumsticks and I had to stop him as they weren’t clean.

Reindeer’s reactions to new experiences never cease to surprise me. I’d expected puzzlement and disinterest today, instead I got enjoyment. It’s one of the things I hadn’t expected when we began this journey but that I really love. I’m looking forward to trying more music with him as soon as we get the chance!


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