Week 32 – it’s stuck!

Last week Reindeer became proficient at not only kneeling in his cot, but also at leaning over the side of it. The upshot was that we moved the cot to the lower setting to prevent accidents/escape attempts.

Tonight, I lay him on his cot after his bath so that I could apply some E45 lotion before putting him into his pyjamas. We have music on at bedtime so he was happily rolling around in the cot. As he often does he ended up with his legs dangling between the spindles on the side of the cot. The difference tonight was that, somehow, he’d managed to get his left leg stuck.

Of course, I didn’t realise this until I started to move his legs back into the cot. All of a sudden he howled and his leg stayed put. Naturally, my first move was to panic slightly when I realised it was firmly lodged. I attempted gently moving him sideways, thinking that he’d rolled a little after putting his leg between the spindles, but that didn’t help at all. Eventually I remembered that I was standing there with a tub of E45 abandoned beside me. With some careful application and gentle movement his leg was finally freed.

This whole thing, whilst fairly small overall, has reminded me how easily things can go wrong and that Reindeer has no way of telling me something is up until it is too late. So, whilst I’m sincerely hoping this doesn’t happen again, I’m also doing a quick check on eBay to see if I can get hold of another cot bumper!


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