Week 31 – the 50-hour nappy

Weaning and teething have a lot to answer for.

At bedtime this evening, just as I was preparing to read Reindeer a story, he over-filled his nappy.

I was somewhat resigned to this as it had been 50 hours since his last dirty nappy. And it was every bit as awful as you can imagine. I even had to clean in the little crevices behind his knees.

As I changed the cot sheets, his vest, babygrow, removed his toy for steam cleaning and put the changing mat in the bathroom for decontamination, all whilst wrestling to prevent him rolling over on the changing mat and making it even worse, I kept reminding myself how lucky I was that I’d already run his bath and that we were all set for bedtime.

I don’t usually give advice (because I’m not very good at taking it myself) but there are really only two options available for this type of situation:

  1. when the wait for a dirty nappy reaches 48 hours find the person who owes you the biggest favour and have them camp out with your baby until the inevitable happens then leave them to deal with it
  2. blackmail someone who doesn’t owe you a favour to do it for you

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