Week 31 – I cooked!

It may seem like an odd thing, but I’m actually really proud of myself for cooking Reindeer’s dinner from scratch today. It was just basic weaning food a la Annabel Karmel (cauliflower cheese and a banana pudding) but I made it from scratch and I didn’t ruin it and he ate it (well, some of it)!

I have a chequered history when it comes to cooking. I begin with the best of intentions, follow the instructions verbatim, but somehow, almost every time, something doesn’t work and the result can at best be described as mediocre. It is something of a joke for those who know me; like the time I accidentally made a 6kg birthday cake or the time I made sweet Yorkshire puddings when I was aiming for profiteroles.

When we started to think about weaning I decided that I wanted to cook for Reindeer like my mum cooked for me. My mum is an amazing cook so she’s set a high standard to aspire to, even without my sad lack of talent. Just before Reindeer turned 6-months we went to my parents for a few days and my mum gave me some rudimentary cooking lessons (not for the first time I’m sorry to say).

Between mum’s practical demonstration and the Karmel book I totally aced dinner this evening. Of course, there are years of meals ahead and I’m sure I’m not a reformed ruiner of cuisine just yet, but it feels like I’ve just made my own first baby step towards becoming better at something which will benefit not just me but the whole family.


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