Week 31 – getting up time

It is 0645 and I’m lying in bed listening to Reindeer chatter away in his bedroom. I’ve checked on the monitor and he is perfectly content.

At 0630 he woke me with his ‘ah-ah-ah’ sounds which mean ‘I’m hungry’ so I’ve already been in and fed him. This is unusual as he doesn’t normally want a feed until after 0800.

My plan, such as it is, is to leave him in bed until 0700 when I’ll go in, change his nappy and then take him downstairs for breakfast.

What I’m not clear on is whether this is a good idea. What I’m trying to do is have a defined start point and a defined end point each day. Bedtime is working well, but getting up time is challenging with the lighter mornings. If he’s awake and contented before 0700 then I’m leaving him to amuse himself in the hope he’ll eventually realise I arrive regularly at the same time.

My mum suggested we get one of those clocks which is blue at night and yellow in the day. I’d assumed he was too little but maybe it is easier in the long run if you have one in place as early as possible? I’m also considering whether we need a darker window covering to encourage the idea that it is nighttime still.

Either way I want to keep things clear, simple and routine for him but don’t want him to feel ignored in the process.


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