Week 30 – a day out

On Saturday, to celebrate three birthdays in four days, there was a family get together. We do this each year and the activity very much depends on the weather. This year it was cold but dry so we spent the afternoon at Oxburgh Hall before going out for dinner somewhere much warmer!

It was a lovely day and great for Reindeer to spend time with extended family. His middle cousin is still besotted with him – he tried to give him a piece of brick he’d found, inserting it carefully into the buggy for Reindeer to bring home – and we hope they become closer as they grow up.

I’d started the afternoon carrying Reindeer in the wrap, but the wind chill was strong so I moved him to the buggy for extra protection from the elements. He’s still very clingy though so wasn’t thrilled with this development. During dinner he became increasingly unsettled, refusing to go to anyone else without crying. In the end I ate dinner one-handed, holding him in my other arm.

For once I was prepared and was able to put Reindeer into his night nappy, pyjamas and a gro-bag (one with Velcro which allows you to put him into the car seat whilst wearing it), before we left the restaurant. He was asleep before we left and, when we got home, I put him straight to bed without having to mess about with clothes/blankets/nappies.

My sister tells me he is transitioning; apparently his brain is doing some hefty wiring, which is why he’s struggling to rest and just wants cuddles. Once this is complete he is, according to her, likely to make a developmental leap, possibly starting to crawl. It’ll be good if he does as he is so frustrated at not being able to move himself about. Either way, I’m trying to enjoy the cuddles and not worry too much about the rest!

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