Week 29 – cuddles

When Reindeer was very small I struggled to adjust to his constant need for me, be it feeding, changing or cuddling. Overnight I went from being autonomous and unfettered to spending 18 hours a day with a baby in my arms.

I loved holding him and stared at him for hours but I also felt pinned down, unable to manage my basic functions any more. Over time I adjusted and learned to love the hours spent sitting with him cuddled into me. Since about 18 weeks he’s spent more of his (increasingly infrequent) naps in his cot and I’ve been able to get on with looking after myself and the house a little better.

Paradoxically I now miss those times. On Saturday he was in a great mood and, during one feed, wiggled himself into me until he’d curled around me and then fell asleep looking hugely content. This afternoon he was feeling quite sad before his feed, but calmed down then slept at the end. This time I decided to make the most of the opportunity and he spent the whole of his nap in my arms. It was relaxing and comfortable for both of us.

So I’ve decided that I’m no longer going to try and keep on top of things during the day. When Reindeer naps I’m going to try and keep him with me and catch up on everything else once he’s in bed. The mess will probably annoy me a bit but it’ll be worth it to make the most of this time together.


3 thoughts on “Week 29 – cuddles

  1. I have felt that same way lately. At first I tried to get my son to nap in his crib so I could get things done around the house, but I go back to work in five weeks, and I selfishly want to snuggle him as much as possible because once I go back to work I will not get to see him even nearly as much as I want to 😦

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