Week 29 -new tricks!

It’s been a funny few days for Reindeer. We’ve been visiting my parents and he’s had a great time.

Weaning – whilst we were away we continued with the weaning but there was a horrible moment where he gagged hard on some banana. Although we were told this was normal and to expect it, my heart stopped and I had an awful 10 seconds until he managed to push it back out. Since then I’ve lost my nerve with baby-led weaning and now mash his food and offer it on a spoon. This has actually worked quite well and he’s now actually swallowed some porridge, carrot, swede, potato and mango. I am 100% certain of this because I changed his nappy 😮

Social interaction – until yesterday I would have told you that Reindeer is great with new people. Yesterday, however, he became hugely clingy. He didn’t want to meet the people at my parent’s church and would even cry for me when left with his dad. I’m not sure what caused this clingyness; perhaps the growth spurt/developmental leap we were warned to expect about now? He’s certainly more aware of himself and his surroundings than ever. We talked about it last night and realised that in the whole of Reindeer’s waking life, I have been apart from him for about 6 hours since he was born, a tiny amount in the grand scheme of things. It shouldn’t have been surprising that it was me he needed when he was feeling overwhelmed, but it was surprising nonetheless.

Bath time – this continues to be the highlight of many days as Reindeer still loves it so much! My parents recently bought him a bath buddy from Sainsbury’s. It basically looks like a spiky fish and lights up when wet. He adores it, so much that he now has two of them and a light-up turtle. It is great to watch him play with them at bath time. Apart from the fun aspect I saw tonight that his balance is much improved in the bath and he’s learned a new trick: I sit him in the middle of the bath and put his bath buddies in front of him. In the course of chasing them around the tub he will move towards the flat end. When he feels he’s too close he’ll reach out, grab the flat end, and push himself back to the middle so he has more space to play again. His confidence in his ability to move himself increases daily!

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