Week 28 – movement

Reindeer loves rolling over and is desperate to be independently mobile. He’s managed to roll over on his changing mat, despite it being non-roll design. Almost every night I have to go into his room and rescue him from a roll which has resulted in him getting stuck somewhere in his cot.

Our changing table is set up so the water, cotton wool and nappies are on the left. I only have to angle slightly to get things mid-change. Yesterday, in the middle of changing his nappy, I looked away to wet some cotton wool. In the five seconds or so this took he managed to go from lying safely on the mat to lying with his lower body hanging over the edge. My heart stopped when I saw him as he was about two inches from dropping to the floor. I have absolutely no idea how he did this as he made no noise doing it!

I think I need to grow some eyes in the back of my head…


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