Week 28 – weaning update

We’ve been slowly introducing Reindeer to food for almost a fortnight now. Before the first attempt I was convinced he’d take to it really quickly because he was so keen to start. As it happens he’s taking it all slowly.

Watching him try his fruit and veg it is clear that he’s far more interested in the idea of eating than the actual textures, flavours and process involved!

Things are gradually progressing though and he’s quite happy to play with the food he’s given, occasionally putting some in his mouth. He is also OK with me offering him some on a spoon, as long as he’s allowed to take it from me and wave it around once he’s tried some.

Today he managed to get food on his back and I have absolutely no idea how he achieved this given that he was wearing a plastic smock throughout the whole meal!

It is a slow and messy process but a fun one; I make ‘on nom nom’ sounds which he loves so he isn’t taking things too seriously. I want to avoid a scenario where we become stressed about mealtimes or he develops negative associations with food. Hopefully it is a case of so far so good.


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