Week 28 – early evening travels

Today we had the opportunity to meet up with family at my aunt and uncle’s home which is about an hour from us. Since we’re a close-knit family this was too good a chance to miss.

Due to other commitments we didn’t arrive until 2.30 pm but had a lovely afternoon nonetheless. My aunt and uncle have two dogs and, as we don’t see anyone else with dogs, Reindeer was fascinated by them! They, in turn, were fascinated by him and the results were really fun to watch – another expansion of his horizons.

By late afternoon it was time to come home and, unusually, Reindeer was quite sad. I put him into the car while he was grizzling and he cried on and off during the journey home. On the plus side he was trying hard to keep calm and his bursts of crying were short. On the minus side it never gets any easier to hear him cry.

I really am at a loss about the best way to deal with early evening travel (during the day he almost never cries) as I can’t work out what causes the problem. Possibly the street and car lights? Either way, I’ve tried stopping to calm him – everything from a 5 minute break to a full hour of walking, feeding and distracting, and I’ve tried continuing the journey. Neither seems to make a difference overall. I’m hoping that moving to a larger car seat will help.

It is a shame though as I worry that he’ll remember being sad on the journey better than being happy at the destination.

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