Week 28 – cutting nails

In the course of caring for Reindeer I’ve only found one task which I detest and that is cutting nails. I detest it because I’m constantly convinced that he’ll move and I’ll cut off a digit by mistake.

This shouldn’t happen of course because:

1. I’m paranoid about it so very careful
2. I only cut his nails when he’s asleep
3. I’m paranoid
4. I use nail clippers not scissors
5. I’m paranoid

Tonight I managed to cut both finger and toe nails, but am now having a sit down because it was quite stressful as he moved partway through. I’m very much aware that I need to man up about this!

One thing that worries me is the way his nails grow outwards instead of up. I’m not sure if this is normal for babies or if I’m cutting them wrong. That’s probably a question for the health visitor.


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