Week 27 – one and a half teeth

Early this evening, after a slightly grizzly day, Reindeer began to cry for no apparent reason. This is very unusual, especially as he wasn’t easily soothed. A quick bit of detective work (I looked in his mouth) narrowed down the culprit to tooth number two attempting to appear.

Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be coming through evenly, so there was a bloodied gum covering half of it. Reindeer did his best to deal with it by chewing his bib and Sophie la girafe toy for all they were worth. Still no luck with the gum but the bib had blood on it which made me sad.

He’s already woken crying twice this evening, despite being given Calpol just before bed. I really hope that he manages to get into a good sleep and get some rest as I think this will help more than anything else.

Tomorrow is the first birthday bash for one of his cousins and I’d really like him to feel relaxed and happy rather than in pain and sad. Here’s hoping the other half of the gum recedes in the night so he has two teeth by the morning!


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