Week 27 – sounds

Today has been a strange one for us.

Firstly, Reindeer slept through the whole night then, at 9am, went for a two hour nap. Generally speaking he only naps for up to 30 minutes at a time during the day. Had I realised this epic sleep was underway I would’ve gone straight back to bed but, alas, I was caught unawares and so missed out on some much needed rest.

The second strange thing was how he is communicating vocally. When he was a newborn he made an ‘ah, ah, ah’ sound when he was hungry. Today it has changed to a low keening sound which is quite disconcerting. Every time I think we’re understanding each other, some aspect of his communication changes and I’m left in the dark again.

The third strange thing was realising on our trip to the supermarket that he’s now big enough to sit in the proper trolley seat; very grown up! He was transfixed by his new viewpoint the whole way around the store and, much to my relief, neither fell out of the trolley nor attempted to eat it. Result!


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